About us

Frolight BV is a company based in Gavere, Belgium, with a unique team of professionals focused on the production and development of innovative infrared technology for agriculture and horticulture.
Located at Legen Heirweg 23 in 9890 Asper, the company has a team of experienced employees committed to the quality and performance of their products.

Frolight BV's production team consists of Tiago and Brent, who focus on the production of infrared technology. They ensure high quality products and efficient production and delivery processes. In addition, Frolight BV also has a research and development team consisting of Dieter and Gerrit. They are responsible for the innovation and development of new infrared technologies that meet customers' needs and requirements.

As sales director, Niklaas is responsible for the sales and marketing of Frolight BV's products. He ensures that the products are highly visible on the market and that customers are well informed about the benefits of Frolight's products.

Frolight also works with distributors in several countries, including RN7AS in France, Plantex in the UK and KME Agromax in Germany.
These distributors ensure that Frolight BV's products are also available in other countries and that customers there are well served. In cooperation with Frolight's team, distributors and customers, the company is able to develop and produce innovative infrared technologies that meet customers' needs and requirements. Frolight BV strives to provide the best solutions for agriculture and horticulture, enabling customers to increase their production and improve their efficiency.

Frolight, a young and innovative start-up, was founded in 2019 by Alexander Schmidt and Laurens Devos. These two entrepreneurs each have their own unique background and experience that they bring to the company.

Alexander Schmidt is an experienced winemaker. He has his own vineyard and brings his knowledge and love for wine to the establishment of Frolight. He is responsible for product development and ensures that only the best ingredients are used in Frolight's products.

Laurens De Vos is an experienced operations director. Before joining Frolight, he was the operations director at Biolectric. He brings his experience in organizing and leading teams to the building of Frolight. He ensures that everything runs efficiently and smoothly within the company.

Together, Alexander and Laurens ensure that Frolight is a successful and innovative start-up. With their unique backgrounds and experiences, they know exactly what is needed to grow and succeed in a company.

In the future, Alexander and Laurens expect Frolight to continue to grow and become an important player in the industry. With their passion and hard work ethic, they are confident that they will achieve these goals.