How it works


The Frolight system protects your vineyard from spring frost damage by radiating infrared light onto the root stocks of the vine plants. This infrared light comes from IR tubes. These IR tubes are installed close to the root stocks. If placed between 5 and 10 cm of the buds, it can add up to 6° Celcius!

The IR tubes are connected to and controlled by the Control Units (FLGCU-A & FLGCU-B), which act as the brain of the system. The Master Control Unit is required for every Frolight installation. Additional Slave Control Units can be added to protect a larger area on your location. Configuration and monitoring is done via the Master Control Unit. The Master Control Unit communicates with the Slave Control Units wirelessly over radio signals. Watch this movie to understand more how a standard FROLIGHT SYSTEM setup works:


The systems of Frolight BV

have been developed in-house

and are internationally protected by patents.