The system for carefree protection from spring frost

What is Frolight?

FROLIGHT® developed an easy-to-install frost protection system for vineyards based on luminous hoses that transmit radiant heat.

FROLIGHT®'s modular system can be installed quickly and easily. For example, the structure consists of separate modules that are linked together by waterproof connections. The system can be infinitely expanded according to need.

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What do others say?

An automatic solution to fully unburden you!


Our system switches on and off at a preset temperature. This eliminates labor-intensive nights.


The uniform distribution of the infrared modules ensures more efficient energy distribution. In this, Frolight® is unique on the market.


Frolight® works with infrared radiation as a heat transfer medium. As a result, regardless of wind and rain, there are no major energy losses as with traditional methods. Thus, there is always assurance of protection.


The electrical system is friendly to the environment. There is no noise or odor disturbance to nearby residents.

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